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Queso's Last Stand: SU May Close Kimmel Food Court

No thanks to Queso's and Trios, SU is considering shuttering Kimmel Food Court.

This should have been your warning, Syracuse students...
This should have been your warning, Syracuse students...

When I heard that Kimmel Dining Court was shoving off Taco Bell and Burger King to be replaced by knock-offs last year, I waxed philosophical about the traditions (and steak gorditas) that were being lost. At the time, SU rationalized the move "healthier meal options" in the form of Queso's and Trios.

Turns out, SU students didn't much care for any of that. And with a drop-off in customers, the school is now considering shuttering Kimmel Food Court.

Although students are still using the late-night dining center frequently on weekend nights, there has been a visible drop in the number of weekday customers during the last five to six years, said Jamie Cyr, director of auxiliary services at SU.

Recent additions such as the Ernie Davis Dining Center have played a part in the drop-off, but, let's cut the chase...Queso's ain't exactly reeling them in either...

"It’s kind of disappointing, it’s convenient here," said Jack Delaney, a senior economics major. "If you ask me, it went downhill after Taco Bell left."

"With the Burger King and the Taco Bell leaving, it was really unpopular after that. The general opinion of Kimmel has gone down after that," Campbell said.

Far be it from me to defend the likes of Taco Bell and Burger King, but, the people seem to be speaking and what they're saying is, give us better crap. And by God, Syracuse, you should heed their crappy desires. Otherwise, you're left with crappy crap. And that's a lot of crap.