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Syracuse vs. Northwestern: Notable Quotables From Scott Shafer's Post-Game Presser

Scott Shafer was is no mood following Syracuse's 48-27 loss to Northwestern.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Scott Shafer was ornery in his post-game presser following Syracuse's 48-27 loss to Northwestern.

Let's take a look at his best, most notable and most curse-y quotes...

  • "The one thing we couldn't do is give them opportunities and we damn well did."
  • "That first half was ugly. And that starts with me. And then it goes right down the line."
  • "I like Drew Allen, he's a competitor. I like Terrel Hunt, he's a competitor. We're going to keep those guys competing their asses off. We're going to play the guy that's ready to play."
  • "[The quarterbacks are] going to compete their ass off. If we’ve got to play one, we’ll play one. If we’ve got to play two, we’ll play two."
  • "Everybody's gonna point at the quarterback position but goddammit it was both sides of the ball. That damn defense, we didn't play well enough and we put those offensive kids in a tough situation."
  • "Was this game a nightmare? No. Nightmares are for children. That's a stupid question."
  • "My livelihood is dependent on the way we play. So this damn game is pretty doggone important to me. You got me?"
  • "There are positives even in the worst frickin' ugly loss you can imagine."
  • "Seeing what happened tonight is frustrating as a coach because I've coached a lot of defenses. There have been days I've seen my defense play that way before. A nightmare? No. It's a bad football game and a bad job coaching them by Coach Shafer."

FYI, Scott Shafer must have said "it starts with me" at least six times during the post-game presser. And implied it in another way fourteen more. starts with him.