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Ooh Yea That's καυτό: Scoop Jardine Headed To Greece

Scoop announced on Twitter last night that he'll be playing ball in Greece this year.


Greece? Annexed.

After a year of waiting I finally got my opportunity, I leave for Greece tomorrow. I just wanna thank everybody who has been supporting me. I'm ready for this next step on my journey! It's been a long wait but worth it I've learn so much about myself and the business! Which would make me unstoppable on and off the court! #getback #🏀💲💵💶💷💰💳💸😁

That was the message from former Syracuse Orange guard Scoop Jardine last night on Twitter. We don't actually know which team he's going to play for. Hopefully this isn't some kind of Willie Mays Hayes situation where Scoop just shows up, runs really fast and hopes not to get thrown out of the building.

There are some fun options. Hopefully he ends up on Panathinaikos or Olympiacos, the two teams that seem to trade league titles every season. I'm not even sure there is a third team in the league.

Hope Scoop likes the idea of cheesesteak gyros. (Seriously, though, good luck Scoop. Do things.)