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Hey Look! Syracuse Lacrosse is Still Doing Awesome Stuff!

A quick sidebar of Syracuse Lacrosse news in the middle of the football season. Yes, it's awesome stuff.


You already knew that Syracuse Lacrosse has found it's new #22 for the next four years. Oh, the Orange also picked up a faceoff specialist! We needed one of those right? Those two new players combined with some other highly touted recruits have given the Orange the No. 2 overall recruiting class in the nation, as ranked by Inside Lacrosse.

John Desko thinks this is awesome, therefore, so should you.

"I'm excited to see them get out on the practice field and compete in an Orange jersey for the first time," SU head coach John Desko said. "We feel like it's a strong, competitive group that's balanced at all positions."

Overall, the Orange have added 16 new members to the Lacrosse team, eight of whom ranked in the Power 100 (IL's top 100 high school players) and gave the Orange said awesome recruiting class that is just slightly less awesome than Maryland's. To each his own, even if it's wrong.

The other awesome thing is that five Orange players were selected to 2014 United States of America's 2014 Training Roster. 52 players made the cut from 94 players who attended a three day tryout camp in Baltimore.

U.S. Men's National Team will compete for a 10th world title at the 2014 Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) World Championship, hosted by U.S. Lacrosse, from July 10-19, 2014 in Denver.