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What Made-Up Syracuse Football Names Will The Big Ten Network Announcers Create This Year?

The last time BTN covered a Syracuse game, they invented a bunch of new players. Who will they make up this time?


I'll be honest, I don't remember too much about last year's game between the Syracuse Orange and Minnesota Golden Gophers. Mostly because I blocked the loss from memory, of course. However, I do remember a few key things...

1. Quinta Funderburk, who was not eligible last season, apparently played.

2. Someone named Ritchy Dene caught punts for us.

3. Someone named Ritchy Rene also caught punts for us.

4. I think someone named Ricky Dene even caught punts for us.

5. Someone named Marquees Spruill played linebacker for us.

6. Someone named Jeremiah Wilkes played defensive back for us.

The Orange will return to the Big Ten Network this weekend when they take on the Northwestern Wildcats (yes, the PSU game was televised on BTN but not with its own announcers). I don't remember who did play-by-play last year but this year we get Matt Devlin and Glen Mason. We can hope that they'll be slightly more prepared than last year's fine folks. However, if they're not, let's try to guess what made-up Syracuse football players we can expect to see on the field on Saturday.

Take your guesses to the comments or to Twitter with #BTNSyracuseNames

My guesses for made-up Syracuse players that BTN thinks are on the roster...

  • Drew Hunt
  • Tyson-Gulley Prince
  • Aston Broyld
  • Briskly Estime
  • Morgan Waynes
  • Quinta Funderburk