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Syracuse vs. Northwestern: SU Staff Says Approximately 97 Players Need To Get Ball More

Are you an offensive player for Syracuse? There's a coach out there who wants to get you the ball.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

If there's one reoccurring theme in Syracuse Orange football coach interviews and press conferences this week, it's that someone, possibly everyone, needs to get the ball more about the Northwestern Wildcats.


Scott Shafer on Brisly Estime:

"He's ready," Shafer said. "We just have to keep getting him the ball."

Scott Shafer on Ashton Broyld:

We’ve got three more seasons with him, so we’ve just got to keep finding him ways to get the ball in space and that’s a good place to start."

Rob Moore on Jeremiah Kobena:

Kobena's gotta play more. That one was on me. He should have played a lot more than he played [against Penn State].

Scott Shafer on Everyone:

"We have to do a better job on first down creating opportunities and we also have to open up the playbook a little bit," Shafer said.

Of course, Shafer also pointed out that Estime and Broyld still have to hit the books and get passing grades on the topic of Footballogy.

"Brisly Estime is another guy I would be able to say the same things about. You kind of want him to take Football 101, master it, get an 'A' in the class and then move forward to Football 201. And that's kind of where I see Ashton right now."

Between that and Ashton giving SU a D grade in the PSU game, class is in session, y'all.