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Ashton Broyld Is The Nicki Minaj Of Syracuse Football

You might not like what he has to say but he's gonna say it anyway.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Ashton Broyld has basically emerged as Syracuse Orange football's Nicki Minaj.

You might not like what he has to say but he's gonna say it anyway.

I first realized this when Ash let it slip that Drew Allen was taking most of the first-team snaps while that decision hadn't been made public.

In the aftermath of the Penn State loss, while Coach Shafer was focusing on positives and what needs to be improved, Broyld kept it real:

"Nobody did their best today," Broyld deadpanned. "That was a poor effort on all of us."


Now, Michael Cohen wisely took some time to pull Broyld aside and got him talking more about the PSU game. Because as we now know, good things (for us, anyway):

"We knew what we wanted to get done, but I don't think we were really comfortable," Broyld said. "We're still not comfortable as an offense yet, you know what I mean? What you saw on Saturday, that wasn't us."

Said Broyld in regards to the pistol: "It kind of felt like we were just experimenting out there."

When asked to grade the Syracuse offense on a scale of A through F, Broyld asked a reporter if he was supposed to be honest. Then he did not hesitate to say he would give SU a D or D+.

The lack of cohesion on offense, Broyld said, stems from the sheer volume of McDonald's playbook. Though he was exaggerating a bit, Broyld said it feels like they have 1,000 plays this season compared to "seven plays like we had last year."


I mean, there's a part of my that likes all this. It's refreshing. You rarely hear that kind of honesty out of pros, let alone college players. Of course, I have to imagine Shafer and McDonald are going to have some words of their own eventually. Though something tells me this might be his response:


The part of me that has concerns is...what will Ashton be like when he's the star? That could be as soon as next season, or even the end of this season, and he's only going to be more confident with that. Will he start complaining about not getting playcalls? Or enough touches?

But really, I guess my only question, something going to media-train Broyld or do I need to do it?

And just in case I haven't made the connection between Broyld and Minaj clear enough, need I remind you the guy's got moves...