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Syracuse-Clemson Pregame Video Restaurant: YOU CHOOSE

I'm really bad at making choices especially when it comes to where to eat. My friends will all angrily confirm this. Therefore, this week's SU-Clemson pregame show will be at a restaurant of your choosing! Oh and I need a name for this. I'm bad at puns. You guys aren't.

Scott Shafer doesn't appreciate my indecision.
Scott Shafer doesn't appreciate my indecision.
Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Just in case you want a refresher, here's what I'm trying to do for the rest of the SU football season. I like being a team player. I'm never the guy on the team who comes up with an awesome team name. In fact, you can put money on my Fantasy Team having the worst name in the league each year.

I don't want to keep posting the videos on YouTube as "Nunes Magician TV: SU-Inset Team Here Preview Show at Insert Restaurant Here" That's about as interesting as Boston College UConn Football. Help me out here guys. Come up with some awesome punny name, leave it in the comments and I'll send the winner an Orange Central t-shirt from this year.

Second order of business: where am I eating this week and what should I order? I'll leave this week's options in a poll below. This week's criteria: on campus and somewhere I can lug a heavy camera Thursday afternoon.

I appreciate the help and I plan on saving this post for all eternity as evidence to why you all are awesome.