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Syracuse Daily Links - Scott Shafer Moves Forward

“I hate to lose,” Shafer said after the game. “It makes me sick to lose, but I had a blast. Ever since I was a little guy I wanted to do this. I slept well last night, I wasn’t nervous. I couldn’t wait to go and it was fun. The fight was fun.”

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Shafer proves authentic even after Syracuse’s loss to Penn State | The Daily Orange

"I hate to lose," Shafer said after the game. "It makes me sick to lose, but I had a blast. Ever since I was a little guy I wanted to do this. I slept well last night, I wasn’t nervous. I couldn’t wait to go and it was fun. The fight was fun."

Former Syracuse player Demetris Nichols signs with pro team in Russia |

Demetris Nichols has signed to play for Krasnie Krilya of the Russian National Basketball League.

Shafer ready to move forward after miscommunication, hiccups | The Daily Orange

"It’s one of those deals where we have to continue to work crowd noise," Shafer said on his Tuesday teleconference. "I’m sure Northwestern’s fans will be excited and loud, so we’re preparing for that."

Cornerback Brandon Reddish with strong performance for Syracuse in loss to Penn State |

Brandon Reddish had a stand-out game for Syracuse despite the loss to Penn State.

Offensive lineman Kyle Knapp working to get healthy; no other injuries for Syracuse |

Kyle Knapp is still recovering from an injury, according to head coach Scott Shafer, but the rest of the team is in good health.

Syracuse's Terrel Hunt not hanging head after falling short in quarterback competition, Scott Shafer says |

Being stuck behind Allen, who will be given every opportunity to bounce back from Saturday's outing, is the new reality facing Hunt.

Scott Shafer says Syracuse needs to get Brisly Estime the ball moving forward |

Brisly Estime played just a single snap against Penn State, but Scott Shafer wants to keep giving him the ball in the coming weeks.

Why did Syracuse running back Jerome Smith play just 10 of 41 snaps in second half against Penn State? |

Syracuse running back Jerome Smith is widely-considered Syracuse's offensive star but was used infrequently during the second-half against Penn State.

Scott Shafer's son, Wolfgang, will head to Ithaca in hopes of emulating his father |

Scott Shafer has always maintained the busy schedule of a football coach but he's carved out enough time to be a role model for his son Wolf.

Bernie Fine accusers' appeal heard in slander suit against Boeheim, SU |

DeJoseph should have let a jury decide the case, lawyer Mariann Wang argued in court papers. Boeheim wasn't merely voicing an opinion, but asserting specific and damning facts when he called Davis and Lang liars who were only out to make money, she wrote.

Kansas, Michigan nonconference scheduling standouts | One And One -

Another year with a true nonconference road game to go with a three-game event in Hawaii? Jim Boeheim, I hardly know you anymore! Jokes aside, there’s nothing wrong with this slate for the Orange heading into their debut season in the mega-ACC.

Under the Hood: Here’s How Syracuse Can Fix the Problems from Saturday : Orange Fizz

The glaring issue Saturday was the lack of offensive production. SU will need to figure out how to find playmakers downfield against a solid Wildcats defense. One major break the passing attack catches is Wildcats’ starting CB Daniel Jones now out for the season after injuring himself again Cal. Northwestern will split time between redshirt freshman Dwight White and junior C.J. Bryant. Drew Allen must exploit this situation to gain an advantage early on.

FizzCast: Exclusive Interview with Newest Syracuse Commit RB Ervin Phillips : Orange Fizz

"It came to whose coaching staff I felt I was more comfortable with or where I could see myself playing with. The Syracuse coaching staff is really down to earth and create a family atmosphere. They’re some great guys."

Thunder and lightning like mortar: In Syracuse, it's been 15 years since the Labor Day storm |

It's only a few days short of 15 years since greater Syracuse awoke on another gray Labor Day - Sept. 7, 1998 - to a community stunned by a fierce derecho that killed two men, toppled trees and tore down wires. Sean Kirst, a columnist for The Post-Standard/, wrote this piece for the morning of Sept. 9, 1998, shortly after the storm:

Kenny recaps the Penn State loss and talks about...Syria? Syria.