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Syracuse Recruiting: Wayne Williams Won't Join Orange Until 2014

SU recruit Wayne Williams will attend JUCO one more year and plans to enroll at SU next season.


And the Wayne Williams Saga marches on.

The 340-pound, 2013 DT recruit from Brooklyn committed to play for SU in May of 2012. As a non-qualifier out of high school, he spent last season at ASA College, where the President of the school might just be Dracula. Williams hoped to get his grades up in time to join the team this season. He spoke with Orange Fizz last week and intimated it might still happen somehow.

Turns out, not so much.

So, for now, Williams joins the Class of 2014. Despite the fact that he could open his commitment back up, he says he's still set on attending SU next year (had offers from Texas A&M, Rutgers and others). He'll have two years of eligibility left to use.

Of course, there's also a distinct possibility Williams never qualifies at all or his academic issues don't ever clear up. So, take it as it comes, I suppose.