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The Syracuse Orange Blue Themselves, Now You Can Too

You've always wanted to be close to Charley Loeb. Here's the next-best thing.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

I don't know where you got that $2,020 from, but you scrounged it up and sent it to Syracuse Athletics. And all you've got to show for it is a fancy two-toned Syracuse Orange football helmet.

The bid was more than three times the amount Syracuse got for any of the other items currently listed on the its athletic department auction page. The next highest was $596 for a men's basketball camouflage jersey signed by Jim Boeheim. The helmet drew 26 bids.

Not content to profit merely on helmets worn by amateur athletes, SU is now giving you the opportunity to win the whole blue uniform that you spend last week bitching about but secretly kinda liking. Not only that, it's Ridiculously Good Looking Charley Loeb's uniform!!!!


You've dreamed about the opportunity to smell his manly musk for four years. Now your dream can be a reality. With three days left, bidding is already up to $620. Get that Kickstarter going ASAP.