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Syracuse Football: Transitive Property Says Orange Not Going Bowling

According to the transitive property (which never works in football, by the way), let's take a look at where Syracuse winds up this season...

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

(H/T BC Interruption on the original concept here)

You're likely all aware of how the transitive property works, but for those who need a refresher on math/logic, here's the basic gist:

If team A > team B, and team B > team C, therefore, it logically follows that team A > team C

We've all done this.

"If Syracuse beat West Virginia in 2012, and West Virginia beat Texas, then Syracuse was better than Texas last year."

"If Cincinnati lost to Louisville in 2012, and Cincinnati beat Syracuse, then Louisville will beat Syracuse." (nope)

Etc, etc...

BC Interruption took a look at this flawed concept using the website My Team is Better Than Your Team, and determined that while it's not a worthwhile way to look at football schedules, Boston College could still finish with eight wins using the transitive logic. Since we're rivals and all (#OrangeEagle), it's natural that SU fans would want to see if (read: how) they're better than the Eagles.

So without further ado, a transitive breakdown of the rest of Syracuse's season:

Loss: vs. Clemson (2-3) (0-1)

No transitive way to figure out the result here, and well, we know it's very likely SU is losing to the Tigers.

Loss: at NC State (2-4) (0-2)

No transitive way on this one either, so chalking it up as a loss.

Loss: at Georgia Tech (2-5) (0-3)

Another non-transitive option, so L, since that's likely what was going to happen anyway.

Win: vs. Wake Forest (3-5) (1-3)

- Syracuse is better than Kent State because while SU only lost to Penn State 23-17, Kent State lost to Penn State 34-0.

- Kent State is better than Tulsa because Kent State only lost to Bowling Green 41-22, while Tulsa lost to Bowling Green 34-7.

- Tulsa is better than UL-Monroe because Tulsa only lost to Oklahoma 51-20, while UL-Monroe lost 34-0.

- UL-Monroe beat Wake Forest, 21-19.

- Therefore, Syracuse is better than Wake Forest based on four games, by a combined score of 182-141.

Win: at Maryland (4-5) (2-3)

- Syracuse beat Tulane, 52-17

- Tulane beat Louisiana Tech, 24-15

- Louisiana Tech beat Lamar, 27-14

- Lamar beat Panhandle State, 75-0

- Panhandle State is better than North Dakota because Panhandle State only lost to Montana 47-17, while North Dakota lost to Montana 55-17

- North Dakota is better than Southeast Louisiana because North Dakota only lost to South Dakota State 35-28, while Southeast Louisiana lost to South Dakota State 34-26

- Southeast Louisiana beat Southeast Missouri State, 45-7

- Southeast Missouri State is better than Texas because Southeast Missouri State only lost to Ole Miss 31-13, while Texas lost to Ole Miss 44-23

- Texas is better than North Dakota State because Texas beat Kansas State 31-21, while North Dakota State only beat Kansas 24-21

- North Dakota State is better than Towson because North Dakota State beat Delaware State 51-0, while Towson only beat Delaware State 49-7

- Towson is better than Maryland because Towson beat Connecticut 33-18, while Maryland only beat Connecticut 32-21

-Therefore, Syracuse is better than Maryland based on 11 games, by a combined score of 575-376

Loss: at Florida State (4-6) (2-4)

No way to show, plus we weren't winning this game anyway.

Loss: vs. Pittsburgh (4-7) (2-5)

Another one with no link.

Win: vs. Boston College (5-7) (3-5)

- Syracuse is better than South Alabama because Syracuse beat Tulane 52-17, while South Alabama only beat Tulane 41-39

- South Alabama is better than Cal State Sacramento because South Alabama only lost to Southern Utah 22-21, while Cal State Sacramento lost to Southern Utah 24-21

- Cal State Sacramento beat Southern Oregon 63-56

- Southern Oregon is better than Portland State because Southern Oregon beat Eastern Oregon 73-20, while Portland State only beat Eastern Oregon 57-17

- Portland State is better than Nevada because Portland State beat UC Davis 41-10, while Nevada only beat UC Davis 36-7

- Nevada beat Hawaii 31-9

- Hawaii is better than Boston College because Hawaii only lost to USC 30-13, while Boston College lost to USC 35-7

- Therefore, Syracuse is better than Boston College based on seven games, by a combined score of 416-326


Not exactly the result we were hoping for, but at least we beat BC based on the transitive property? Obviously, with more games played, this whole list of results could also change dramatically.