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The C.J. & Jerami Show Carries On A Storied Tradition

From Wes to Scoop to Kris to MCW to we have Jerami.


When C.J. Fair decided to return for his senior season, the best part of the announcement was that he would continue the work he started on The MC-Dubz & C.J. Show, previously known as the The Scoop & Kris Show and previously known as The Scoop & Wes Show.

This show is the Doctor Who of Syracuse Orange Basketball Player Internet Shows. The faces change but the whole thing stays the same. Plus, Jim Boeheim is like a real-life likable Dalek.

MCW is gone but C.J. is back. The big question is...who will be his co-pilot? The answer is...Jerami Grant! MOO MOO!!! Plus Michael Gbinije! THE SILENT G!!!

  • Super-creepy intro, Gbinije.
  • So much swaying, everyone. So much.

The goal remains...bring us a GIF that rivals this Top 5 All-Time GIF. The challenge has been laid down TCJ&JSFMG...accept it at your own risk...