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Syracuse Football: Scott Shafer Sure Does Like The Kids

Scott Shafer said the word "kids" a lot this weekend.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Want to see how many times Scott Shafer used the word kids during his post-game presser on Saturday? Let's do it!

"This was a very good team victory. I’m extremely pleased and proud of the kids...We challenged the kids to win all three phases, and they did that...we challenged our kids on defense to pitch a shut out in the second half...They had a good scheme against us but I thought [SU defensive coordinator] Coach Bullough and the defensive staff did a great job in the second half to prepare the kids to fix what wasn’t as pretty as we needed it to be...Really proud of the kids...Extremely proud of the kids...Couldn't be prouder or happier of the way the kids played...the kids came off the edge good and hardy...Coach Reed did a good job coaching the kids...I thought the kids did a great job...That was one of Coach McDonald’s challenges to the kids...The kids were up to the challenge...The kids were excited to get back in here and try to make it look the way we want it to look and I was very proud...very proud of the way the kids came out and played fast on offense...I love both those kids...they're both good kids...we got good kids...Let these kids control this win for 24 hours...but these kids really deserve what they've done...I love the way our kids came back...When they first approached me about the new uniforms I knew the kids would be extremely excited and I was excited for a chance to work hand-in-hand with Nike and develop and design products based on Syracuse -- the colors, the tradition -- and to do it with the number one company in the world is an exciting thing for our young kids and can lead to a lot of neat things...It’s about the kids who put it on the line...Let’s get our kids to play as hard as they can. Let’s get the fans juiced up to say ‘you only live once, let’s have a frickin' blast’'s nice to get in that weight room with the kids and tighten then up...I really liked the way the kids responded...I'm proud of the kids supporting one another.

That's twenty-seven. Good work, kids.

Scott Shafer loves kids. #InappropriateCompliments

P.S. - He also said the bye week is a chance to "rekindle the troops." What???