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Let's Go Blue! Syracuse Orange Uniform Rehash

So, the Orange introduced the All-Blue uniform over the weekend. What did you think?

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

You've had a few days to digest the Syracuse Orange's 52-17 win over the Tulane Green Wave, that means you've also had a few days to digest the new helmet and overall "Syracuse Blue" uniform look.

Now you know why Syracuse fans stole Michigan's Go Big Blue banner back in 1998. It was a long con.





I've said my piece about the blue uniform. I don't necessarily hate it (in fact, I kinda like it), but I don't understand how a school so concerned with brand plays it so loose with team colors. But what do I know?

I don't really like the helmet. I find it gimmicky. Of course, the players love it (and recruits probably do too) so it doesn't really matter what we think. But I just would like to see something more "sustainable" in the near future so we're not stuck with this as the only option.

Can we all agree that we know what's coming in two weeks? The helmet and the pants will be back but the final piece of the new uniform will be an orange jersey. Hopefully an orange jersey that matches and doesn't look Gawd awful.

So how did you feel about the Syracuse Blues?