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The Quest For Belk, Week 4 Update: Just Win (Four), Baby

Thankfully, Terrel Hunt did Terrel Hunt things and the Orange moved one step closer to Belk.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

It would be strange to have called Syracuse's game against Tulane a must-win. And yet, there was something slightly must-winny about it. At least in terms of The Quest For Belk. We seem to be of the mind that there are four ACC wins possible out there. Anything more than that might be too much to ask. And so, with a 1-2 record, beating Tulane took on a certain level of need more than want.

Thankfully, Terrel Hunt did Terrel Hunt things.


From here on out, the Orange need to win four more games in order to become Belk-ish. It doesn't look quite as easy as it did a couple weeks ago thanks to Maryland's and Pitt's wins. However, SU certainly looks like a different team from a couple weeks ago as well. The kind of team that could win four more games...