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Introducing, The Orange Eagle Trophy

Boston College and Syracuse University have been the premier athletic programs in the Northeast for decades, yet there has been no absolute measure of who reigns supreme. Well, no more...Introducing the annual SB Nation competition that crowns the true Beast of The East: The Orange Eagle Trophy


Rival (noun) - a person or thing competing with another for the same objective or for superiority in the same field of activity.


In the history of Northeastern athletics (as opposed to, say, Northeastern Athletics), two schools have distinguished themselves for achieving excellence on and off the field of battle: Boston College and Syracuse University. Two private universities with proud traditions of fielding outstanding athletics teams across a wide variety of sports. Our shared geography and sporting familiarity has put BC ahead of the rest of the pack when identifying at Syracuse's most natural rival, but the slow destruction of the Big East Conference over the past ten years has largely put this rivalry on hold.

With the advent of Syracuse's entrance into the ACC, the rivalry between these great Northeastern schools has the capacity to ignite, and we at TNIAAM and BC Interruption are here to pour some kerosene and light this sucka up!

Introducing The SB Nation Orange Eagle Trophy, awarded annually to the school who earns the most points in competition across 17 sports, and distinguishes themselves as the true Beast of The East! Bonus points will be awarded for conference and NCAA championships, and even our beloved lax program (along with BC hockey) will earn additional points based on achievement.

At the conclusion of the academic/athletic year, the school with the most points will earn TNIAAM or BC Interruption the right to hold (and display online, at sporting events, car dealership openings, bat mitzvahs, etc.) The ACTUAL Orange Eagle Trophy (Ed note: The Trophy will be unveiled at a later date this season).

The rules and points system is as follows:


The competition for The Orange Eagle starts today with a bang, as the nationally ranked SU and BC field hockey teams face off in Chestnut Hill with the first three points on the line. Over the course of the competition, TNIAAM and BC Interruption will provide updates and features that will lead to the One Shining Moment where one school walks away with the glory and bragging rights....the other, a year's worth of shame, misery and contemplation.

So, ladies and gentlemen, let the games begin!...and to our Orange warriors on the Women's Field Hockey Team...don't let us down. After all, it's a rivalry game!!!

P.S. - The official hashtag of the Trophy is #OrangeEagle. Use is well.

P.P.S. - Major H/T to The Invisible Swordsman for suggesting the idea, devising the point system and generally making this happen. Should be fun.

P.P.P.S. - Boston College sucks.