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Syracuse vs. Tulane: SU Students Get In Free

Syracuse students will get in free this weekend. Students who already had a ticket just earned a freebie to a future FB or BB home game.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Smart move by the Syracuse Orange. In order to goose attendance this weekend when the Tulane Green Wave come to town, all full-time Syracuse University students will get in free.

"Nothing would help our team more than a full and loud student section in the Dome on Saturday" noted Shafer. "We encourage all SU students to come out and be our 12th man against Tulane."

Students who already have a ticket to Saturday's game can benefit by earning a free ticket to any of the other football home games or non-conference men's basketball games at Syracuse this season.

I think I'd say the big winners are actually the SU students who already had a ticket. You just earned a free ticket to the Clemson football game or the Indiana basketball game. Congrats. (Unless, of course, you have season tickets to both, thereby making the deal moot...But this isn't about you, anyway.)

Of course, Chris Carlson has a good point. Just how much of an incentive is this, really? It was already a cheap ticket and there's only so many students who will see this as the dealbreaker. But, hey, it's something.