We Need To Hate UConn, I Need Your Help

Hello TNIAAM Nation

New York's State Team is taking on the pride of the Nutmeg State, the UConn Huskies next week and I'm looking for help from New York's College team. Confused yet? Read on.

(Based on State nickname alone, UB should get an extra 14 points...which we might need, because we almost lost to Stony Brook...but then again we might not because UConn lost to Towson.)

Now that Cuse has gone ACC, you probably don't get too many chances to mock the Huskies, so let us be your hate release valve, help us learn why we should hate the Huskies. I am a writer at UB blog, UB Bull Run and I run a series during the football season called "Pregame Meal" where I review the best food and drink for gameday and I focus on things to love and hate about each opponent.

Last year, the hate component really suffered, so I thought it would be cool to learn to hate straight from the source, each team's fiercest rival.

In the comments, please share your hatred for UConn, Rentschler Field, Storrs, Paul Pasqualoni, Nutmeg, UConn fans, for any particularly annoying players, and although it's unrelated to football, you're welcome to take shots at Gino Auriemma he is just so unlikable.

Let us know why UConn is an awful place, let the hate flow through you, and hopefully our collective hate can propel Buffalo to victory. Our last crowdsourced hate article on TCU's Frogs O' War yielded 92 comments, so hopefully New York can outdo Texas.

Thanks for the help Syracuse Fans.

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