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Syracuse vs. Tulane: The Hay Fever Is Never In The Barn

Scott Shafer fights through hay fever to let us know there is no script for QB playing time this weekend.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Do you suffer from cold-like symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes and congestion? You may be Syracuse Orange football coach Scott Shafer and you may have hay fever.

"This hay fever is killing me today," Shafer said following a coughing fit that delayed his response to a question.

...Hay fever is not considered contagious because the primary cause of it is allergies, rather than a virus.

"I just have hay fever every year," Shafer said.

No. 1 - Is that was Jerome Smith has been talking about this whole time? Is Scott Shafer outside of the barn?

No. 2 - Hay Fever, the most #hardnosed of all the fevers.

When not coughing or wheezing, Shafer reminded the media that there are no guarantees this weekend when it comes to scripting plays or even a certain amount of playing time for his quarterbacks.

"Terrel will start the game, and then we will react to how things are going," Shafer said. "If the production is good, then you keep going with it. If it's not what you need, that's when you start to consider things.

"But I want Terrel to feel comfortable with going out and playing free-flowing, and I want Drew to be prepared to go in when his number is called. So it will be a situation where we go out and play the game kind of adjust as we go and maneuver as we go."

Quite simply, if Terrel Hunt looks good against Tulane, the Drew Allen Experience will officially be over.

One guy who'll certainly see playing time this weekend is kicker Ryan Norton. While Das Boot continues to get treated for his Dreaded LBI, Norton will look to brush off a so-so performance against Wagner last week.

Meanwhile, Tulane's kicker, 2012 Lou Groza Award winner Cairo Santos, may miss the game following his father's death.