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Doug Marrone Remembers Rob Edson In Emotional Press Conference

Former Syracuse football head coach remembers a former Syracuse University friend, Rob Edson, who passed away over the weekend.

Rick Stewart

Earning your first NFL victory as head coach should be something one should celebrate with tears of joy, however, for former Syracuse Orange head coach Doug Marrone that was not the case on Sunday.

After witnessing his team earn a dramatic come-from-behind victory over the visiting Carolina Panthers, Marrone stepped up to the podium and within seconds was unusually emotional and quickly addressed why:

"I’m having a difficult time, it’s a personal situation," Marrone said. "Syracuse University and Central New York lost a dear friend. Rob Edson, who I worked with for quite a long time, he became the athletic director of Onondaga Community College. I know that Rob was watching and I can’t stop thinking about that. When that game was coming down to the end, my prayers just go out for him and his family. I apologize."

Marrone, who is not known to be great with the media but had improved a lot over the years at SU, was extremely candid and openly remembered his years at Syracuse, even though, it brought out some emotions.

"It’s difficult for me because Rob, when I was at Syracuse, he’d always come in after the games and kind of cheer me up and pick me up and keep things in perspective," said Marrone. "I think about his wife, Sue Edson, who worked with me every day to see the person you guys have in front of you now and to get better with the media. They have two beautiful children and it hurts."

Now, a few thoughts crossed my mind while watching Marrone's post-game presser -- note: I had no clue this had happened when I watched it late Sunday.

First, my heart breaks for Rob's wife, Sue, who always treated me and the rest of the TNIAAM crew with the utmost respect; even though, when I dealt with her on a regular basis, I was just writing for an online publication that nobody had heard of (SB Nation New York). Unfortunately, I never met Rob, but my thoughts are with Sue and her family.

Second, can we stop the "Doug Marrone doesn't care for Syracuse" talk? Seriously, watch the first few minutes of Marrone's presser and tell me leaving Syracuse wasn't a though decision for him.

Third, make sure you take some time to hug your wife, husband or kids tonight. I know I did after learning about Rob and Sue, and watching HCDM.