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Syracuse Defeats Wagner: Quotant Quotables

The Syracuse Orange defeated the Wagner Seahawks 54-0 on Saturday. Here are the quotes to prove it...

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange defeated the Wagner Seahawks 54-0 on Saturday. Here are the quotes to prove it...

Scott Shafer on the all-important quarterback situation...

"I was pleased with the way (quarterback) Terrell (Hunt) came in and played. I believe in both of those kids (Hunt and Drew Allen). It’s a long season so we have to keep the position strong by continuing to work both of those kids and make good decisions. I’m anxious to watch the tape, not only at the quarterback position, but at all of them to see where we are. We had some target points that were extremely important to me as an offense and a defense, and I know I sound like a broken record but first down is so key. I think we did a good job. You target those small areas and then you go to work and I was really pleased with that."

I love the hell out of Terrel, as I do (quarterback) Drew Allen, as I do (quarterback) Charley Loeb and all of these kids. I think you have to be careful. It’s never as good as it seems and it’s never as bad as it seems, somewhere in between is the reality. I think really you have to look at it with clean, realistic eyes and expectations. (We started against) two BCS schools, a 10-win team at Northwestern, and Penn State won eight the year before and you have to be careful, looking at the talent that you are going against and that’s not to begrudge Wagner because they are a good football team. But we have to be smart about how we look at it. With that being said, I’m extremely proud of the way Terrel played and I look forward to seeing him progress."

Shafer on getting Win No. 1...

"I didn’t think about it (the win) too much until they dumped the Gatorade on me and then it felt good. It felt great to turn around and see my son Wolfgang back there. It feels great. Let’s get number two as fast as possible."

Shafer introducing you to the term "Gristle Up."

"Kids, coaches alike, we were so mad coming out of Evanston because we felt like we were a better football team than we showed," Shafer said. "And we felt like we gave plays up in Evanston. As a coach and as players I think you have to gristle up and say, 'How are you going to go about work?'"

Terrel Hunt on the critics? (What critics?):

"Critics can say what they want to say. I try to focus on doing the best I can on the field and not worry about proving people wrong."

"I am my own biggest critic, so I felt like I made the most of the opportunity today, but there were a few moments where I wish I could have done better. I think as a team things really started to click and we really got going pretty well together."

Devante McFarlane after scoring his first TD:

"It felt great. I didn’t even know what to do after I scored. It was just a great feeling."

Jarrod West on what it was like to play after his grandfather's death:

"Waking up was pretty tough for me. My grandfather meant a lot to me growing up. Before the game I said a prayer in the end zone and told him I would meet him in the end zone. It was kind of cool to actually score, like I told him."

George McDonald on how the team tried to get everyone involved...

"Jacob Green is a walk-on, he got a catch. We were trying to get John Kinder a catch at the end. (Adonis) Ameen-Moore got some carries, and Greg Tobias got carries. Those guys work really hard. Any time you get a chance to get some guys on the field — however many snaps it is — just to let them get out there and experience it, it's always a great time."

Shafer on SU fans..

"We look forward to continuing to ramp this up here in the Dome, make this a really difficult place to play and really have some fun with it. We need all the help we can get. I'll start off right now by inviting the community and our fans to come out here and support this team."

Shafer on the value of the win...

"Let's measure it. Know what it is, know what it isn't. You know what I mean? Let's be realistic and not full of baloney when we look at a victory like this.

"The thing I'm most proud of is that we've played a lot of schools like this in the past and we didn't kick their tails the way we should. And I thought today was the way it should be with a BCS team playing a team that's a little bit smaller. And a pretty damn good one."

Sean Hickey on his game expectations...

"We came out and once we got going we put it to bed pretty early, which is a good thing, no matter who you play. I anticipated us having a good day. Now, 54-0? I'm not gonna lie. I did not see that coming."

Hickey on SU fans...

"It's what I thought it was going to be. It's what I anticipated. It's hard for fans to come out and support when we had the first two games we had. I can't blame them. I hope we get more and more as the year goes on, but it's what I expected."