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Drew Allen One Of College Football's Hottest Cuties (Or Is It Cutest Hotties?)

Drew Allen has been named of the hottest college football players in the country. Sorry, Charley.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Of all the God damn indignities that Ridiculously Good-Looking Charley Loeb has had to suffer through this year, this might be the icing on the God damn cake. Not only did Charley lose his grasp on the QB1 spot back in spring, but he then had to watch Drew Allen, a rival from their recruiting days, come in and steal the spotlight.

Well, at least RGLCL could lay claim to the fact that he was the best-looking hottie amongst the Syracuse Orange quarterbacks. I mean, Seventeen Magazine even said so back in March, so...

What's that? Oh you've got to be kidding me, Drew!

This hottie just transferred to Syracuse from Oklahoma, and will play his first season for the Orange. But who cares who he plays for when he looks that hot?!

Well, for one, Seventeen Magazine, we care. Clearly you haven't been reading the message boards.

RGLCL, I don't care what the depth chart says or the stat sheet says or even what Seventeen'll always be the swooniest Syracuse quarterback we ever knew.

Terrel, you're handsome, too. Promise.