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Syracuse & Georgetown Have 10-Year Series Waiting For Dumb Hoya Signature

Per DOCTOR Gross, the only thing stopping a 10-year series between the Orange and Hoyas is the fact that G'town hasn't signed the contract.

Nate Shron

Update: Via Nate Mink, an SU official says that "no official contract has been signed, but Syracuse has agreed to the "concept" of the series and is waiting to hear back from Georgetown." Sounds like DOC might have been speaking in slight hyperbole but the gist of what he was saying remains true.

Original: The Syracuse Orange will play St. John's and Villanova this upcoming basketball season, but there's still a massive hole on the schedule where the Georgetown Hoyas should be. You had to assume that even if we're not playing them now, we'll play them eventually. The prevailing opinion, especially from Hoya fans, is that Syracuse was the one pumping the brakes on the rivalry.

Well, DOCTOR Gross threw down the gauntlet Wednesday night on his TK99 radio program, making it known that...

  • The two schools have a 10-year contract ready to go.
  • Syracuse has signed it.
  • Georgetown has not.

No other details were given, be they about the dates or locations. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see if Georgetown hikes up their skorts and signs on the line that is dotted.

Also on the radio show, DOC said Syracuse would break ground on the 102K square-foot indoor practice facility on Sunday. Nice knowing you, Joseph Vielbig Outdoor Track Stadium.