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Syracuse vs. Wagner: Terrel Hunt Will Play Saturday

SU fans clamoring for more Terrel Hunt will get their wish against Wagner this weekend.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse Orange football fans seem to be devolving into two camps at the moment.



That second one got some good news Tuesday.

"I know Drew is going to be our starter," Lester said. "He has the most reps, he's running the offense well. But Hunt's going to play. We've committed to giving him a shot. I don't know when that's going to happen. That's up to Coach (Shafer)."

No big surprise. I think the smart play here is to let Drew Allen start and try to get some confidence about him. Meanwhile, give Terrel Hunt a chance to show the end of the Northwestern game was no fluke and that he can come through when asked. After that, you see how the results inform your decision for the Tulane game.

Allen is doing his best to keep his chin up.

"I know I can play a lot better than I did," Allen said. "I have full confidence in my ability and full confidence in the offense to do better. Take away those plays and I feel like as a whole we did a great job.

"Those plays, they're drive-killers obviously because the ball is turned over. They're momentum-killers. I just have to do a better job working at that for the Wagner game."

For his part, Terrel Hunt is certainly sounding the part of a quarterback...

"Automatically you want to be selfish and go in, but at the same time the team is losing so it's not about you," Hunt said. "Once he threw another pick you just go over and tell him what you saw, and hopefully he would do the same. It's just a team effort, not really about yourself."

I'm rooting for Drew Allen to get it together, but, man, the more I get to know Terrel Hunt, the better I feel about having him at the helm, sooner or later.