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2013 Syracuse Football Camp: Catching Up Before FanFest

Before FanFest gets here, get caught up on anything you missed from recent practices.

Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

It's FanFest today. INFLATABLE JUMPIES!!! But before that gets underway, let's get caught up on the most recent developments from camp.


OC George McDonald is working a lot with Terrel Hunt while QB coach Tim Lester is working with Drew Allen. Read into that at your own peril.


According to the Daily Orange, Drew Allen has a really good "Fred Flintstone bowling impersonation."


Brisly Estime has been working with the 2nd-unit offense, taking a lot of sweeps.


Tim Daoust is apparently really big on JUCO transfer Trevon Trejo. Trejo got a late start, missing the spring and summer, but seems to be making strides.

Daoust has already lost his voice, FYI.


Brisly Estime and Darius Kelly appear to be making pushes to wrest punt return duty from Ritchy Desir and Steve Rene. Prince-Tyson Gulley has also been getting looks.