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Get To Know Your Orange Man - #48 - LS Eric Morris, Jr.

Time to profile a Vice-President. Here's VP of Syracuse's Uplifting Athletes chapter, Eric Morris.

Name: Eric Morris, Jr.

Position: Long Snapper

Year: Senior

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 220

Hometown: Simi Valley, CA

High School: Royal High School

2012 Stats: Eric didn't get any PT last season after playing every game as the team's short snapper as a sophomore.

2013 Projections: Eric is 2nd in line for snapping duties behins Sam Rodgers. Rodgers seems to have both long and short position on lock, so aside from injuries or Sam getting the tips, Morris might not see too much of the field this year.

How'd He Get Here?: Morris is originally from California, but he came out to New York before attending Syracuse. Morris studied at SUNY-Morrisville before transferring to SU.

What'd Scout/Rivals Say?: He wasn't rated by either.

Money Quote: "The best piece of advice that I got was don't be afraid to fail."

Links of Wonder: Q&A with Syracuse long snapper Eric Morris, vice president of Orange chapter of Uplifting Athletes

Tweets of Wonder: Ever need a pick-me-up? Morris is a one-man positive tweeting machine...

What Does Shafer Think: Shafer seems pretty proud of Morris (& Sam Rodgers) for their work with Uplifting Athletes. It's exactly the kind of thing he's talking about when he talks about the kind of players he wants:

Interesting Nugget O'Interest: Morris had to deal with concerns over his size as well as insurance issues before he could try out to play for the Orange.

Let Us Get a Good Look Atchya: No video so here's some info on that very cool Uplifting Athletes program he's a part of.