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#HardNosed: The T-Shirt

Did you really think we wouldn't make a #hardnosed t-shirt?

What, you DIDN'T see this coming?
What, you DIDN'T see this coming?

FINALLY, a t-shirt for Syracuse Orange fans.

In his introductory press conference, Scott Shafer said "I envision a hard-nosed team that's from a hard-nosed town." Since then, the legend of #hardnosed has only grown.

Well, it's one thing to be hard-nosed and something else altogether to make sure everyone else around you knows just how hard-nosed you really are...


You can purchase this beauty right over here where it's available from S to XXXL. Order it now and you'll have it with time to spare before the Penn State game.

And check out the rest of the t-shirts in the TNIAAM Shoppe for more options, choices and whatnot.