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SU Reporters Won't Stop Until You're Emotionally-Invested In Every Syracuse Football Player

Nate Mink's article on Durell Eskridge, who spent portions of his youth homeless, is the latest in a long line of quality pieces forcing you to actually care about SU football players.

Jeff Zelevansky

Damn you, Michael Cohen & Nate Mink. Damn you both to heck.

I was going about my day, distinctly feeling as though I had already met my yearly quota for Syracuse Orange football players whom I have an emotional-invested-interest in seeing succeed on the football field beyond the uniform they wear.

And then Mink, the son of a b****, dropped this article on SU safety Durell Eskridge, who spent portions of his youth homeless.

"We never lived in a house, ever," Eskridge said. "Not even a small house. It was always apartments or projects, and my biggest goal is getting (my mother) that house.

"My biggest thing is my first contract, any money I receive I'm just going to give it to her and let her do what she wants with it. She's going to be 60 soon, and my goal is for her to have her feet up and living comfortable by the time she's 60."

And this is on the heels of Michael Cohen's story on SU DB Julian Whighamwhose rare esophageal disorder almost ended his football career before it started.

And before that it was Nate's article on John Raymon, who suffered abuse at the hand of his own mother before rising above it to make something of himself.

Enough, you guys. ENOUGH!*





*Not enough, actually. Keep'm coming...