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2013 Syracuse Football Camp: Day Two Recap

John Kinder is a WR, Nick Robinson is locking down the right guard spot and Ron Thompson has a new number.

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Another day in the books at the Syracuse Orange's 2013 Football camp. Let's catch up...


Graduate assistant BJ Coad wins the "which coach will lose their voice" vote. Kudos if you had him in your pool.


Scott Shafer is staying true to his word and letting all the QBs get reps that can showcase their ability. Charley Loeb got to workout with the first-teamers on Tuesday. Drew Allen ran the second team and Mitch Kimble ran the third team. Terrel Hunt just hung out, I guess.

Allen spoke with Bud Poliquin about what it's going to be like playing for SU this season and he sounds rightly pumped for the opportunity, especially when it comes to the Carrier Dome:

"I heard it's loud ... raucous," Allen said. "I can't wait to get Wagner, Tulane and Clemson in here. Those are our first three home games. That's going to be electric. I can't wait to get in there and really experience it. You know, being in a stadium with 85,000 at Oklahoma was great. But being in the Dome with 50,000 screaming fans echoing? That's going to be something that I'll never forget."

If Drew goes missing one day soon, know that it's probably DOC Gross' punishment for not referring to Penn State as a home game.


The vagueness of the H-back position and what it's role will be in the offense might have cleared up a little bit with this admission by Ashton Broyld...

"In spring I did a little bit of both (working out with the running backs and wide receivers), but now this year, during the season, I think I'm going to be strictly in the receivers room," Broyld said.

As Chris Carlson points out in that link, the position is traditionally a mix of fullback and tight end. But considering Broyld and speedster Brisly Estime are manning the spot, it's likely to be more RB/WR than that.


As you know already, John Kinder is now a member of this unit after switching from QB. We'll have to see how he shakes out in the depth chart.


You want Nick Robinson's starting right guard position? You can pry it from his cold, dead hands...

"I feel like that I can lock it down pretty soon," Robinson said this past weekend at the team's media day inside Manley Field House.


Ron Thompson is switching from No. 88 to No. 17. Adjust your NCAA '14 rosters accordingly.