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Do You Have What It Takes To Be Otto The Orange?

A spot has opened up on Team Otto. Are you Syracuse-y enough to take it?


Every now and again, a hero rises. That hero assumes the mantle of purity and integrity from others and empowers a generation of others to heed the call of greatness.

That hero is the person who dons the Otto The Orange costume. Is it you?????

A spot has opened up on Team Otto. Here are the requirements to be considered...

Full Time Syracuse U Current Undergraduate student
Stand tall between 5’6" & 5’10"

Athletic (being a mascot requires a rigorous workout schedule with the SU Athletic Training team)
Spirited – must have a lot of orange pride
Team oriented – becoming a mascot is not about you – it’s about the team that creates Otto every year Desired

Has some free time (Otto is a pretty major commitment- but workable into most schedules) Humble, responsible and trust worthy – often Otto is THE University representative at major community events, there’s a responsibility to that Honoring to SU Traditions – able to preserve traditions and keep anonymity Wants to be a part of something greater than themselves—joining the Otto team means being an Otto for life*

Interested students email and an information session will be held opening week. There’s an extensive (yet secretive) tryout and training process. It’s the best Syracuse experience anyone could ever have in my opinion – tight knit team, all access to all games, front row tickets to some of the best Syracuse events in history, making people happy, spreading the Syracuse spirit.

Other than not being a full-time SU student who is athletic or humble or responsible or trustworthy...I could totally do this.

FYI, SU is currently trying to put together an "Otto family tree," They're on the lookout for former Ottos, especially those from pre-2003 who may have slipped through the cracks. If you know someone who did it (or are that person, send an email to that address above and let them know.