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Let's All Pretend Syracuse University Being Named The No. 5 Party School Is A Thing

SU has been named the No. 5 party school. Whatever that means.

Nate Shron

A lot of people get pissy with blogs and content aggregators when they churn out silly lists based on nonsense and unscientific research as a way to shadily boost readership. The annual Princeton Review "Best Of" lists are always a fun reminder that that kind of nonsense has been going on long before we ever got here.

There are tons of lists in these lists but the only list most anyone really cares about is the Best Party School list, which comes from surveys done at colleges that basically just ask students if this school is a party school and if enough of them say yes, then, POOF!, it's a party school!

And so, Syracuse University is now the No. 5 Party School in the nation. This is the part where we either get really excited, really bothered or have some other strong emotion. Congrats, everyone, we did it! Until next year when we mysteriously disappear from the list. And then a year later when we reappear! And so on! And so forth!