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Syracuse Football 2013 Fall Camp Schedule: Fort Drum, FanFest & Everything In-Between

SU camp is officially underway. Find out the where's and when's for FanFest, Fort Drum and more.


Techincally-speaking, Syracuse Orange football's 2013 camp got underway yesterday with media day (we'll get to that soon). However, today is the first day of actual practice, when we separate the men from the boys and then put them back together so we have enough players to actually practice with.

The Orange will kick things off for a week on campus, including FanFest, before heading off to Fort Drum for the new tradition of training with the armed forces for a few days. After that they'll return to campus, eventually decide on who's going to play quarterback and wrap things in time to open the season against the Penn St. Nittany Lions in MetLife Stadium on August 31. has the full schedule for your filing and planning needs.

Notable dates include...

  • Aug. 9: Orange Fan Fest (4-7 p.m.), practice (4:30-6:40 p.m.)
  • Aug. 13-16: Fort Drum
  • Aug. 29: Last practice in Syracuse
  • Aug. 30: Last practice before PSU game

It's a pretty similar schedule to last season, no surprise as Coach Shafer doesn't need to reinvent too many wheels in his first season at the helm (though, to be fair, he's totally capable of reinventing wheels if he chooses to).