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Syracuse Football: Hey, Hands Off Our Corey Cooper

SU recruit Corey Cooper is off to prep school where a bunch of football programs are going to be keeping a close eye on him.


One of the biggest recruits in the Class of 2013 is not suiting up for the Syracuse Orange football team today. Four-star recruit Corey Cooper didn't qualify academically and so he's off to Jirah Prep in North Carolina instead. Let's hope his brief stint there is eventful but not too eventful because, as Michael Cohen reports, Cooper is getting tons of interest from other big-name programs (and Maryland).

Let's also hope George McDonald keeps Corey on speed dial, because it sounds like he's got the attention span of a dog surrounded by squirrels.

South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi State and Maryland have all reached out since the news broke that he did not qualify, Cooper said.

"I have no choice but to talk to them if they come to the school," Cooper told The Post-Standard/ in a text message. "And you know I'm always all ears."

Said Cooper: "We will see what happens I guess."

You know how I point out examples of things that show why you shouldn't get too excited about recruits before they get here? This is one of those.

I didn't realize that was an NCAA rule. If a recruiter visits a recruit, that recruit is bound by law to engage in a discussion with them.