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Syracuse Lacrosse: Freshman Jordan Evans Is The New No. 22

God bless he who wears No. 22 for the Syracuse lacrosse team, for he's gonna need it to live up to what's come before him.


Imagine, if you will, an athletics program has a very famous number. It's been worn by some of the programs most famous players. And now, when a new player grabs the number off the mantle, it's a story. More than that, it's a challenge laid down by said player that he is worthy of the same respect and adulation of those who came before him and he will now prove it.

That sounds like a cool concept. If only Syracuse Football had something like that.

ANYHOO, Syracuse Orange lacrosse does have something like that. It's called The Number 22 (starring Jim Carrey) and incoming freshman Jordan Evans is accepting the challenge (via Inside Lacrosse).

The decision to give Evans the No. 22 wasn’t a difficult one, Orange coach John Desko says. "Of all the kids we saw, we thought he had the ability to wear that number."

"I would compare him to the Powells because of his overall ability to do everything," says Archer. He’s among several premier high school coaches that have called Evans the best high school player he’s ever seen.

As a brief reminder of what Evans is taking on, here's a list of players who have worn the number: Gary Gait, Casey Powell, Mikey Powell, Ryan Powell, Charlie Lockwood, Dan Hardy, Cody Jamieson and most recently JoJo Marasco.

Evans put up 396 points (205 G, 191 A) in his career at Jamesville-DeWitt. Better keep it up, Twos.