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Get To Know Your Orange Man - #1 H-Back Ashton Broyld

Seems like we're always hearing about the amazing things Ashton Broyld will do on the field. Will it happen this year?


Name: Ashton Broyld

Position: H-Back

Year: Sophomore

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 221

Hometown: Rochester, NY

High School: Rush Henrietta HS

2012 Stats: Broyld played in eight games for the Orange last year. His season started and stopped in quick spurts, not unlike his running style. On the ground, he had 171 yards and one touchdown on 36 carries. In the air, 53 yards on seven receptions. His season ended with the Louisville game thanks to an injury and what appeared to be a lack of interest by Marrone & Co. to try and work Broyld into their plans.

2013 Projections: Just like last year, there's been a lot of talk about Broyld headed into the season. We've even created a new position on the offense just to get him on the field more. The expectation is that SU's offense will be run-heavy and there's only so many times you can go with Jerome Smith and Prince-Tyson Gulley. Expect to see Broyld get a lot of chances on the ground and in the air (probably more in the air). If ever there was a guy primed to be a short-yardage receiver for SU, it is he.

How'd He Get Here?: Akron (of course), Eastern Michigan, and Louisville all offered Broyld a scholarship. Being a standout from Rochester, Marrone couldn't let Broyld slip out of New York, conversely, Broyld wanted to stay in the area and play in the Dome. Of course there was that business about Broyld pleading guilty to a disorderly conduct charge in the fall of 2011. Academic issues followed and he spent a year at Milford Academy before finally joining the Orange (where, it should be noted, he's been a model citizen since).

What'd Scout/Rivals Say?: Three stars across the board.

Money Quote: "I hate the word potential, because it means you haven't done anything yet," Broyld said. "But I haven't done anything yet. I'm working. I'm ready. I'm ready to show people."

Links of Wonder: Even if H-back remains a mystery, Ashton Broyld pleased to finally have a set position

Tweets of Wonder:

What Does Shafer Think: Well, RB coach DeAndre Smith is in awe of the young specimen...

"I've never seen anybody like him," Smith said in an interview in the running backs classroom at Syracuse. "Just big, freakish, tall, great body control. To be so big and control his body, I've honestly never seen anybody like that."

Interesting Nugget O'Interest: Broyld's dad played for the Maryland Terrapins, which means there might be a little something extra in it for Ashton there.

Let Me Get A Good Look Atcha: