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Get to Know Your Orange Man - #3 Mitch Kimble

Time to know your RGLCL of the future OR our next great punter!

via Mitch's Twitter. @MitchellKimble3
via Mitch's Twitter. @MitchellKimble3

Name: Mitch Kimble

Position: QB

Year: Freshman

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 195

Hometown: Jerseyville, IL

High School: Jersey Community

2012 Stats: None at SU, in high school he racked up over 1400 yards passing, 10 TD and added another 957 rushing yards with 15 TD.

2013 Projection: Learning from RGLCL how to look absolutely flawless in pads, hat and a clipboard.

How'd He Get Here: Basically, he visited Syracuse and N.C. State in back to back weekends. He just like Syracuse a lot more thanks to Coach Lester.

What did Scouts/Rivals say? Both Scouts and Rivals gave him two shiny stars while ESPN was a tad bullish and went with three.

Money Quote: Oh look, he's already got this whole QB speak thing down!

"After that I knew I was making the right decision," Kimble said. "I knew Syracuse was the perfect fit for me."

Links of Wonder: During his recruitment, he was promised the opportunity to compete for the starting quarterback job right off the bat.

What does Shafer think: A lot, apparently.

I really like our two freshman quarterbacks," Shafer said. "I wouldn't lose sleep if I had to get one ready to be honest with you.

Interesting Nugget O'Interest: According to the SU Athletics bio, Kimble isn't just a dual threat QB, he's a highly decorated punter. So there's that backup plan if the whole QB thing doesn't work.

Let us get a Good Look Atchya: You get a senior highlight video! You get a senior highlight video! EVERYBODY GETS A SENIOR HIGHLIGHT VIDEOOOOOOOOO!