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We're No. 53! Syracuse Football 53rd Most 'Successful' Program In The Nation

Syracuse is ranked No. 53 on Business Journals' rankings of the most successful college football programs, combining on-field results with financial ones.


We already know we're one of the nation's best party schools and lead the country in late-night food orders, but how do we do at less-important things like running a successful football program?

Turns out...middle-of-the-road-ish.

Of course, take Business Journals' breakdown of the most successful college football programs in the nation with a grain of salt. The point of the rankings is to determine how effective each program is at not only winning football games but also making money (student-athletes hooray!). Factors include home attendance, winning percentage, football revenues and poll numbers. Most of the data was collected between 2010 and 2012.

To absolutely no one's surprise, they surmised that the Alabama Crimson Tide are the nation's most successful program. Two national titles and a fanbase that likes to name their children after your coaches will do that. LSU, Ohio State, Oklahoma and Oregon round out the top five.

Syracuse comes in all the way down at No. 53, which, all things considered, ain't that bad. We had some quality seasons in there but home attendance and poll data were working against us.

Other ACC schools were No. 20 Florida State, No. 22 Clemson, No. 25 Virginia Tech, No. 34 Louisville, No. 37 NC State, No. 38 North Carolina, No. 41 Miami, No. 45 Georgia Tech, No. 50 Pittsburgh, No. 64 Virginia, No. 76 Maryland, No. 81 Boston College, No. 89 Wake Forest, No. 90 Duke.

The least successful college football program in all the land? Akron. That'll happen when Syracuse steals all your recruits...