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Syracuse Football: Drew Allen Getting First-Team Reps 'Most Of The Time'

H-Back Ashton Broyld told reporters that Drew Allen is getting most of the first-team reps in practice, whatever that's worth to you.


With three days to go before the Syracuse Orange take on the Penn St. Nittany Lions, we really don't need to stress over figuring out who the QB is. At this point, whatever happens, happens. That said, if Ashton Broyld is going to kinda-sorta spill the beans to the Daily Orange, well, who am I to deny it?

"I go with Drew most of the time and a little bit of T(errel) Hunt," said Broyld, who is listed as the first-team H-back and has practiced there throughout the summer.

"T-Hunt gets reps in there, too, because it’s still a battle. We’re just trying to get the hang of each other pretty much."

I like that Syracuse reporters have finally figured out if you just keep Ashton Broyld talking, all will be revealed.

So, Broyld didn't say that Allen is the starter, but, I mean, read between the lines. All signs continue to point to Allen being under center most of the time with Hunt stepping in for certain situations. But, of course, we shall see.

I liked Allen's comment in the article as well, in which he spent the whole time talking about how excited he's going to be on Saturday when he plays, before adding at the last second, "if my number is called."

Your number is getting called, Hoss. And I think you know that.