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Syracuse vs. Penn State: Orange May Play, Like, Forty-Seven Quarterbacks

Scott Shafer isn't closing the door on playing both Drew Allen and Terrel Hunt on Saturday.


Anyone hoping for a last minute update on the Syracuse Orange quarterback situation is doomed to disappointment. Other than a leak or error, no one's going to find out who's taking the first snap against Penn State until right before it happens.

While most people are still leaning Drew Allen, the fact that the door hasn't been closed on Terrel Hunt speaks volumes as well.

And, of course, Scott Shafer isn't closing the door on playing both of them.

"I think you always have to be ready to play who's ready to play," Shafer said. "You never know when in a game that could manifest itself. Both guys are preparing well and ready to play."

"I feel good about the way we're heading into Penn State."

Tim Lester chimed in as well to say that he's told both quarterbacks to be ready to play.

"Every time I think one is edging out, the other comes out and has a good day," Lester said. "It's been even. Back and forth, back and forth. That's a good thing, because I think we have two guys that are playing well and are prepared to play."

Based on nothing, I still think Allen takes the first snap but Hunt will see some action depending on what happens next. And I also think Allen eventually wrests the job away for good. But in the meantime, it really still is up in the air.

And while we're at, Syracuse is trying to find a way to play, like, ninety-six running backs as well.