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Syracuse Basketball: Chinonso Obokoh Cleared, Tyler Roberson Still Waiting

SU received the good news that Chinonso Obokoh has been cleared by the NCAA to play. Tyler Roberson's clearance is still TBD.


We learned a lot from the Syracuse Orange basketball team's trip to Canada last week. One of the biggest things we learned was, aside from Tyler Ennis, the freshmen have a ways to go. Ron Patterson and B.J. Johnson got in some quality reps that will go a long way. As for Chinonso Obokoh and Tyler Roberson, they've got some catching up to do because of some NCAA Clearinghouse issues.

The good news is, at least one of them is officially clear and ready to start suiting up.

Center Chinonso Obokoh learned the NCAA had cleared him over the weekend, but fellow freshman Tyler Roberson continues his daily check-ins with the NCAA website to learn his Orange fate.

God, what a pain in the ass impersonal process that's so very NCAA. You just have to check a website every day and hope that when you hit refresh you see what you want to see. And I'm guessing if you want to talk to someone at the NCAA about it, that's a whole mess of nonsense to deal with.

Anyway, good news on one front. Syracuse fans should consider it a win that we'll get at least four of the five recruits in uniform this year. If we can get all five, we'll have dodged a helluva bullet, especially since we're talking about a fifth guy who was the best player in New Jersey last year.