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What Tickets Would You Want For The TNIAAM Syracuse Football Game?

The BC game was the winner of the TNIAAM Game poll. So now the questions are, where do we want to sit and how much do we want to pay?


So, based on our very scientific poll, we're moving forward with the November 30th home game against the Boston College Eagles as The TNIAAM Game, the game in which the TNIAAM community will get a special ticket deal to attend the game together.

The question now, is, what kind of tickets would you be interested in purchasing?

My feeling is that if we're doing this, we should all be in the same section, not spread out across levels based on different payment types. So, we've got a couple options (follow along at the Carrier Dome Virtual Venue to see where seats are).

Option 1 ($45): Section 102. The good news (for us) is that the students will be home for Thanksgiving so their usual student section is wide open. So if we're willing to pony up, we could get a group of tickets on the lower level along the 25/30-yard-line.

Option 2 ($30) - Section 318. These tickets are up in top level but near the 50-yard-line. Higher up but more central.

Option 3 ($28) - Section 123, which is lower level endzone, across from the Marching Band.

Option 4 ($28) - Section 247, which is second level, just above Section 123. Higher up but more visibility.

Option 5 ($23) - Section 323, above Row M. Upper right corner, nosebleeds. If we want the full experience of sitting at the top of the building and making fools of ourselves, this is the spot.

So, do we go for the seats that would put us right in the action (and take us back to our student days) for more money or do we make it more accessible by going with the cheap nosebleeds? Or somewhere in between? Vote on it and we'll hash it out...