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Syracuse vs. Penn State: For #AllTheNassibs

Even though Ryan is gone, Syracuse's game against Penn State will still be a showdown between Nassibs.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Nassib might be elsewhere pissing off New York Giants fans, but when the Syracuse Orange and Penn St. Nittany Lions on Saturday, the Nassibening will happen even without him.

You know Joe Nassib. You love Joe Nassib. The senior Syracuse DB may see some special teams action on Saturday. You will root for him for he is blood of the chosen one.

However, sometimes blood just isn't enough. Enter Carl Nassib, baby brother of Ryan and defensive lineman for Penn State. Carl was a "run-on" (which is SUCH a Penn State way of describing a walk-on) who just earned a schollie. Still, he almost certainly won't see the field.

(Well, I mean, he's SEE the field. We'll all SEE the field. He just won't run, fall down and/or get hit ON it).

Anyway, there's a million reasons to beat Penn State but this might be the most important. The Nassibening is alive and The Nassibening must live on and The Nassibening must remain orange.

Young Carl chose poorly. Let's remind him of that.