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Syracuse vs. Penn State: Depth Chart Released, QB Position Still TBD

No major shocks here. The QB position is listed as "Drew Allen or Terrel Hunt."


The Syracuse Orange have a depth chart for their upcoming game against the Penn St. Nittany Lions. What they still don't have is a quarterback. Or at least, one that's designated the starter.

The QB position is listed as "Drew Allen or Terrel Hunt." Feel free to read into the fact that Allen's name comes before Hunt's and don't take into account the fact that it's in alphabetical order.

The RB position is similarly listed with Jerome Smith & Prince-Tyson Gulley both listed as First Team.

Overall, no shocking swaps on offense. Freshman Michael Lasker has worked his way into the back-up RT role. Kyle Knapp, who is recovering from a concussion an upper body injury, is still slated as the back-up LT.

On defense, it's Welsh, Crume, Bromley & Robinson on the DL. Ron Thompson, Zian Jones, John Raymon and freshman Isaiah Johnson are behind them.

Other freshmen who have worked their way up to 2nd team include LB Marqez Hodge and DB Darius Kelly, who is sharing his 2nd Team spot with Wayne Morgan.

George Morris II and Devante McFarlane will be your kickoff returners this year and Ritchy "Dene" Desir gets the nod at punt returner (fare thee well, Steve Rene & Jeremiah Kobena). Charley Loeb is your FG/XP holder, so you can technically say that RGLCL ended up a starter after all...