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Get To Know Your Orange Man - #29 Devante McFarlane

Let's get to know this redshirt freshman running back who is more than ready to play some football this year.


Name: Devante McFarlane

Position: Running Back

Year: Redshirt Freshman

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 195

Hometown: Wheatley Heights, NY

High School: Half Hollow Hills West

2012 Stats: He redshirted last year, so, none.

2013 Projections: Well, he's fourth on the depth chart, so playing time will probably be limited. However, the coaches have liked what they've seen so far, so they probably wouldn't hesitate to put him in if they need to.

How'd He Get Here?: After turning down offers from Vanderbilt, Kent State, and Buffalo.

What'd Scout/Rivals Say?: Three stars from both.

Money Quote: On which position he'll play at Syracuse:

"Wherever they put me, to help contribute to the team, that's good for me."

Links of Wonder: You should read about how he did on first day they practiced in pads. Hint: impressive.

What Does Shafer Think: Back in the spring, he was already excited.

"He had some really good vision, which was exciting for me watching from the back end behind the offense. DeVante just has excellent vision. He had a couple of inside zone plays that he ran and they were impressive runs."

Interesting Nugget O'Interest: Apparently, he's into astrology.

Let Us Get a Good Look Atchya: Ok, so I really wanted to see how the kid looks on the field, but a bunch of videos have been "removed by user." Boo you, User! There is a pretty good highlight reel from his 2011-12 season that I would have posted, except that the musical accompaniment has the word "Explicit" after the title, so yea. I didn't.

The rest of my choices were interviews, so here's the most recent one: