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Syracuse Orange vs. Bishops At Champlain College Exhibition GameThread

Yes, that is the name of the school. I think.

Nate Shron

The Syracuse Orange continue their Canadian exhibition tour tonight when they take on either Bishops at Champlain College or a bunch of bishops from Champlain College. I'm still not sure which.

The Orange kicked things off with an 80-40 drubbing of McGill last night, though the game did come with a C.J. Fair injury that may keep him out of action tonight. He wasn't warming up with the team before the game, if that's an indication.

To watch the game, you can check your local Time Warner Cable Sports channel or watch it online here for $15. Otherwise, you're SOL. Then again, if you pay $15 for an exhibition game against some bishops, you're SOL to begin with anyway.

Leave your pre-, in- and post-game comments below. G'ORANGE!