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SU Student Sean Keeley Was Furious With Fellow Football Fans In 1999

The Daily Orange has digitized their archives. Guess who found an old editorial he wrote?


Something I've been waiting to see for a long time has finally happened. The Daily Orange has digitized their archives. Well, most of them anyway.

I didn't write for the D.O., though I applied for a columnist position once and was promptly discarded. However, I did write a couple Letter to the Editor editorials that made it into the paper. Obviously, they were about sports. Obviously, they were overwrought and over-involved about the importance of Syracuse Orange athletics and myself.

I found one of them. And it is as glorious as I remember. From December 10, 1999 (click to enlarge):


Oh my God, I was SO ANGRY, you guys. If I could say anything to 1999 Sean Keeley, it would be, SETTLE DOWN, SLUGGER.

Did I kick things off with a defense of Coach P? My God...

(And I hope Troy Nunes reads this and knows I always had his back. Obviously).

I'm pretty sure I wrote another one about how Syracuse basketball fans need to be more enthusiastic (I was SO that guy), but I haven't found it yet.

Also, the only way the D.O. can keep this digitizations going is with donations. Find out how you can help here.