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Syracuse Men's Soccer: Canada and Hoyas

Syracuse Basketball wasn't the only team to play our northern neighbors this week.

Can't get to my photos at present, I'll reuse this one...
Can't get to my photos at present, I'll reuse this one...
S. Haller

While the basketball team is up north making on Tundra Tour 2013, the soccer team was taking on Ryserson University from Toronto in a preseason matchup this Tuesday. Similarly to the basketball game, the match ended up in a blowout, with a 6-1 Orange victory. Six different players combined for the final tally.

Stephanos Stamoulacatos opened the scoring right off the bat for the second game in a row, netting one in the third minute off a pass from Alex Halis. Stamoulacatos (someone please come up with a nickname for him...) is making it a recurring theme of opening the scoring for the Orange.

Halis and Chris Nanco decided to up their game against their countrymen. The Canadians totaled six points on the night, with Nanco scoring off an Emil Ekblom sizzler that rebounded off the woodwork and Halis slotting one in the 79th minute with service from Nanco. The Torontonians (yes, that's a word) seem to be playing quite well off each other, though I guess that's expected when you play for the same high school, club, national team and now college squad.

Noah Rhynhart scored off a PK, defender Trevor Alexander put one home from deep and Ben Ramin, the sophomore forward got his first goal of the preseason. It looks as though all members of the squad are up and dressing, as Bono was in net, splitting duties with Coughlin.

The Orange take on Georgetown in a pseudo revenge matchup, as Georgetown bounced Syracuse from the 2012 NCAA Tournament after a hard fought 1-1 game, on penalty kicks. The Hoyas will be a good litmus test, as they come into the exhibition ranked third in the nation. Needless to say I won't be able to make it down to that, but I'll try and get a recap up there.