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R.I.P. Lucy’s Retired Surfer’s Bar

Lucy's is changing into The Orange. Do what you want with that information.

I can probably count the amount of times I went into Lucy's while at Syracuse on both hands. It just wasn't my thing. But I do have two memories of the place.

1. It was the first Syracuse bar I went to after turning 21. I showed the bouncer my ID and...he rejected it. He said it looked way too glossy, or something. I basically had to convince him I was 21, which, if you've ever seen me, you understand was not an easy thing to do. All this so I could drink crappy booze out of a fishbowl.

2. I was there with a bunch of friends one night. One of my friends bought two shots of tequila for he and I to do together. As we were about to drink, I noticed the worm was in my shot. I paused and he threw down his drink. He then looked over, saw the worm, said "awesome," took the shot to get a closer look, and then downed the shot. I still don't know if he was being a dick or if he was so drunk he forgot that he had literally just done a shot.

Anyway, Lucy's is going away. It's being replaced by a sports bar, which, I suppose, makes a modicum of sense. At least more so than a surfer-themed bar in Syracuse, NY.

The bar, tentatively renamed The Orange, will have the same staff and owner, R.C. Faigle, who has owned Lucy’s for 18 years. Faigle said he promises the same staff, quick service, reasonable specials and a lot of new additions.

The bar will be closed until a grand opening, which is tentatively set for the first home football game on Sept. 14, he said.

The Orange was apparently the name of the bar in that spot between 1935 and 1979, though this updated version will be ACC-themed, or something. Whatever.

I have no emotional connection to Lucy's but there's something about watching another bar from my era go by the wayside that strikes a sad chord. One less connection to SU students today, I guess.

The point is, just go to Faegen's. #DarwinsForever