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Syracuse Daily Links - QB Battle 'Dangerously Close'

The battle to be Syracuse's starting quarterback is extremely close. The SU basketball team is ready for Canada. That and much more.

Syracuse using first-person helmet camera to aid quarterback evaluation |

"It's perfect. It's exactly what you see. You can't see everybody until he turns his head, then you see that corner. You see everything, their communication, their checks, because you can hear it all."

ACC Football - 2013's Breakout Players

I’m biased but I think a lot of folks are sleeping on Syracuse RB Jerome Smith. He had one of the single-best seasons in SU history last year and is poised to be just as good, if not better.


"Maybe you'll win, and maybe we'll lose / But I bet you won't smile, because you're still in Syracuse"

Orange All Access | powered by SIDEARM Showcase

Brian Higgins sits down with DC Chuck Bullough. "From day one...[Marquis Spruill has] been the leader."

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Coach McDonald talks about the offensive gameplan and players who will implement it.

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QB coach Tim Lester talks about...what else, the quarterbacks.

Ex-Syracuse lineman Justin Pugh will start at right tackle for New York Giants |

"Obviously we have a lot of confidence in him or he wouldn't be here, where he was picked," coach Tom Coughlin said of Pugh.

Tickets for Maui Invitational go on sale at 3 p.m. Wednesday |

The Syracuse University men's basketball team will play three games in Hawaii during the championship round on Nov. 25, 26 and 27.

Syracuse coaches Tim Lester, George McDonald do not rule out two-quarterback system |

"I'd be surprised if they both didn't take a snap at some point."

Syracuse football versus Penn State primer: Bill O'Brien to name starting QB by end of the week |

"I'd say it's pretty close right now," O'Brien said. "I'd say by the end of the week we'll probably make a decision, but whatever we do we'll do what's best for the team. We've got two really talented guys there."

Who will make shots for Syracuse this season? Trevor Cooney makes a case |

"Being a good shooter is different for different people," he said. "Like, I'm a legs guy. I step into my shot, use my legs, explode up. And if you're going to be a good shooter that way, you have to be in good shape. Your legs have to be strong, you have to be able to run up and down the court. And I didn't think I did a good enough job of that last year in being in great shape. I thought I did a better job this summer on it. And it's helped me in these practices this far."

Syracuse football preseason practice observations: Why Scott Shafer threw his visor |

Practice started with a drill called "mayday." Upon Shafer's command, the field goal units hurry into position at different hash marks and distances. Shafer and the players then start a countdown from 10 to simulate a last-second field goal scenario. It didn't start out well.

The case for Drew Allen AND Terrel Hunt: Syracuse needs to maximize the talents of both quarterbacks |

Axe makes the case that Syracuse can play two quarterbacks this season.

ACC football lookahead: Six freshmen who could make an impact |

Taking a look around ACC football at true freshmen who could make a difference on Saturdays this season.

Comparing Syracuse's upcoming trip to Canada to the Orange's last foreign tour back in 1990 |

"I just remember it was the first time I'd ever been to Europe,'' Hopkins said of Syracuse's trip to Europe in 1990. "I was coming off my redshirt freshman year and I hadn't played a lot. For a guy like me, it was a great experience to play and get minutes.''

Hunt, Allen still seeing equal reps as camp nears end | The Daily Orange

"It’s dangerously close, which is good," Lester said. "It’s a great situation to be in. People ask me when we’re going to know, I say before kickoff would be a good time to know."